Eastwood's Scrapyard, Andersontown's Road, Belfast" Etching

"Methodist Church, Ormeau Road, Belfast


"North Parade, Ormeau Road, Belfast Etching

"Ormeau Bakery from North Parade" Etching

Belfast Free Spanish Logo Ink on Paper

"Malachy's Tree" Pencil on Paper25x35 cms

Self Portrait Marker on Paper

"Friday Morning at St. George's Market, Belfast"

               Pencil on Paper 50X70 cms

" Walking the Baby at the Castle"

         Pencil on Paper 50X70 cms

  "One Day in the City"

Pencil on Paper 25X35 cms

"A Baguette at the Christmas Market" (Drawing)

                  Pencil on Paper35X25 cms

"St. Joseph's, Sailortown, Belfast"

         Pencil on Paper 70X50 cms

"Just Another Day at Fortwilliam"

         Pencil on Paper 50X70 cms

"Christian Brothers Throwing for Chestnuts at Park Lodge"

                         Pencil on paper 50X70 cms

Gallery 2 : Sketches, Drawings and Etchings.