"An Artist on the Rambla, Barcelona" Watercolour 50X70 cms

                   " La Plaza de Reyes, Seville"

                       Oil on Canvas 50X70 cms

Gallery 1 : Watercolours and Oils

"Semana Santa, La Catedra, Sevilla"Watercolour 50X70 cms

"At Four O'Clock in the Afternoon in San Vincente de Palermo" Oil on Canvas 90X120 cms

"Just Another Day in the Boqueria, Barcelona"

                Watercolour 50X70 cms

"An Incident on the Almeda de Hercules, Seville"

                    Oil on Board 20X30 cms

"Tuatha Dé Danann" Oil on canvas 90X120 cms.

"The Enigma of Reality" Oil on Canvas 120X90 cms

                                                  "All About Fellini and the Piazza Del Popolo"

                                                                Oil on Canvas 90X120 cms

"El Metro de Liceu, por La Rambla, Barcelona" 

                    Watercolour 70X60 cms             

                "Leaving Reggio Di Calabria"

                      Watercolour 50X70 cms

"The Art of Stopping the World" ​0il 0n canvas 90X120 cms (see dandowlingblog)

                 "Leonardo Da Vinci (Airport)"

                       Watercolour 50X70 cms

"Just Another Day at Queens (in the old normal)"​ Watercolour on paper 50X70 cms

"La Macarena, Semana Santa, Seville"

             Watercolour 50X70 cms

                       "Sevilla por la Tarde"

                      Watercolour 70x60 cms

"Walking a Greyhound at Fortwilliam"

            Watercolour 50X70 cms

"Sunday Night, Triana, Seville"

      Oil on Canvas 70X60 cms

"The Celtic Tiger and A Ship of Fools"

           Oil on Board 70X50 cms

   "Antrim Road Day"

Watercolour 50X70 cms

"Once Upon a Time on the Rambla"

         Watercolour 70X50 cms

"Bernini and the Elephant, Roma"

         Watercolour 50X70 cms

"The Measurement of Time" Oil on Canvas 120X90cms

"Ir de Compras, La Boqueria, Barcelona"

              Watercolour 50X70 cms

"Casa Gaudi, La Pedrera, Barcelona"

          Watercolour 25X35 cms

"A Baguette at the Christmas Market"

             Watercolour 40X25 cms

"Por la Rambla, Barcelona"

     Watercolour 70X60 cms

"En el Café de L'Ópera, Barcelona"

           Watercolour 50X70 cms