"Tango,Tango, La Paloma" Oil on Board 50X70 cms.

"One of those Big Afternoons in the Spaniard"​ Watercolour 50X70 Cms

"A Big Fish at St. George's Market"Watercolour 50X70 cms

"A Picnic at the Castle" Oil on Canvas 90X120 cms

"Walking the Dog at Castleton Gardens" Watercolour 50X70 cms.

"Walking a Dog A Chichester" Watercolour 50X70 cms

"One of those Sunday Afternoons in Belfast" Watercolour 50X70 cms.

"A Vespa in the City" Watercolour 50X70 cms.

"Hide and Seek at Glandore"​ Oil on Board 12X17cms

​Gallery 1.1: Watercolours and Oils

"Walking the Baby at Queen Mary's Gardens" Oil on Board 50X70 cms.

"Once Upon a Time on the Rambla de Flores, Barcelona" watercolour 70X50 cms.

"Big Daddy's Funeral" Oil on Canvas 90X120 cms

"Eat at Manny's Hot Food Bar" Watercolour 70X50 cms.